Xīn Nián Kuài Lè

Happy Chinese New Year from Lufkin!

Both having a special connection to China, Walker and I wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year like party people. A Chinese flag served as our tablecloth (hopefully in an unoffensive way), we printed and cut out pictures of dragons, dug out our gifted chopsticks, and hung Walker’s scrolls.

Our food of choice was slightly American but Chinese in spirit. Orange-sesame chicken, rice and pineapple. Weary at first, orange chicken might be my favorite meal we’ve made together. I mixed up the batter and sauces while Walker fried the chicken. He’s now more convinced than ever before that we need a Fry Daddy. FYI: we don’t. I wanted to make dumplings, but the recipes called for way too many ingredients to fit a newlywed budget. So, I bought some frozen ones, but in the end completely forgot to pull them out of the freezer. Oh well, next year.

We finished the night with a strawberry cake. (Side story: A  few weeks ago I sent Walker to HEB to pick up parsley. He came back with parsley… and 2 cakes and 2 icings.)

Our night = cooking together, eating in between our laughter, and reminiscing about fond Chinese memories. Success all around. To our dear friends so very far away, Happy Year of the Dragon, all the way from East Texas!

Any recipe that calls for ketchup as a main ingredient is a winner.

It got a little smokey and Walker insisted on giving me eyedrops.

I've never been very good at chopsticks. I prefer poking it with one stick. Much more time efficient for me.

Looking at pics from our trip to Shenyang and Harbin!

cake. time.


4 thoughts on “Xīn Nián Kuài Lè

    • phone convo while i was in HEB yesterday…
      K: where do i find sesame oil.
      Mom: ethnic section. why do you need it?
      K: we are cooking chinese food bc we are celebrating chinese new year.
      Mom: As you should be. (dead serious)

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