China and Korea in the Same Week!

I’m currently home in Tucson for a few days. I came home to go on a mission trip to Douglas, AZ near the Mexican border with people from all over the Western U.S. But I’ll write an entire post on that later! Upon our return to Tucson, we had two guests stay at our house…one from McAllen and one from Boise (originally S. Korea). To show her appreciation, Okhee cooked us an authentic Korean meal Saturday night! Maybe, just maybe, it was quite a bit better than my endeavor with American-Chinese food.

Okhee Chang! She owned a restaurant for 11 years.



Good dinner with good friends (Diane, from McAllen on left) and family.

The meal was incredible! We wrapped the meat in pieces of lettuce, reminiscent of PF Chang’s lettuce wraps, except way better. I’m going to attempt to make this sometime in Lufkin, just in effort to get Walker to eat lettuce. We missed you at the table! And I especially missed you when I had to windex the table instead of you. Well, I’m off to eat pounds of leftovers! Here’s to international cooking endeavors!


4 thoughts on “China and Korea in the Same Week!

  1. Oh how I miss Korean food! Check out my about page, you’ll see why! Yum and I’m glad you all enjoyed I’ve dishes prepared. 🙂

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