Ukulele Extavaganza

A bumpin’ Friday night in Lufkin! For real though. Walker and I took ourselves downtown to Standpipe Coffee House for a Ukulele Extravaganza (I had to spellcheck both of those words). Nathan, a youth at FBC, formed one half of a duo that rocked a setlist of Coldplay and the Beetles on the ukulele. They strummed. They sang. They entertained. We are talking 2 talented 13 yr. olds.

It was quite the social highlight. We mingled with everyone from giggling  junior high girls to church members galore, and we got to exchange many laughs with our friends Hall and Becca. Enjoy a few of our pics from the evening!

Nothing like trying to leave and having a youth stand in front of your car.Oh yeah, one laying on the trunk, too. Enjoy this jewel. Walker caught me in mid laugh. Half pig, half horse?


2 thoughts on “Ukulele Extavaganza

  1. why was I not invited. Racism during Black History Month. Not a good look KFosMc…not well played.

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