Real Beef?

Upon hearing the news that McDonalds will be replacing their modified meat with actual beef, Walker and I panicked realizing that our cheeseburgers may no longer taste like heaven. I mean, real beef, who wants that? Normally, I WOULD! But come on, it’s McDonalds. After the ukulele partaaay, we indulged in one last fake meat, life-shortening, sodium-packed, artery-clogging, DELICIOUS meal. The next day…we went grocery shopping.


6 thoughts on “Real Beef?

  1. no, we were depressed after eating it…thus you have taught us the importance and value of something…depression

      • i like their orange juice, fries, and english muffins with butter & jelly. but one time i ate a double cheeseburger, just because it was 99 cents, and i’ve never forgotten how dirty i felt.

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