‘Nilla Wafer Partaaay!

Setting: 11:30 p.m. and Walker is on his way out the door to grab something from the church.

K: Man, I wish we could have a ‘Nilla Wafer Party tonight.

W: What the heck is that?

K. Um, where you eat ‘Nilla Wafers with milk and you’re super happy about it.

W: I’m not going to Walmart at midnight to get no Wafers.

Walker leaves, I continue reading and can barely keep my eyes open by the time he gets home. Only to awake to Walker bursting through the bedroom door with 2 boxes of ‘Nillas!

So, for all you out there like Walker who don’t know what a ‘Nilla Wafer Party is, here’s how you throw one! We’re experts.

Step 1. Get super excited and grab your favorite mugs.

Step 2: Smell the wafer like wine?

Step 3: Some people like to dip. Some people like to soak and eat with a spoon. You choose!

Step 4: Take fun polaroids.

Step 5: Fall asleep with a blissful smile.

During the party Walker announced that “we are cuties.” I responded with “Nah, we are fatties.” Either way, ‘Nillas are da bomb. Now go have yourself a partaaay!



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