Film Debut!

Saturday afternoon we slept in and had no plans of ditching our pajamas until our dinner plans with friends that evening. Sadly, we got hungry.

When you’re desperately hungry but also desperately in need of groceries, there is really only one solution. SAMS! Pick up some groceries while snacking on free SAMPLES!

Here is proof that you can make a simple afternoon outing into quite the adventure. Here’s to turning the mundane into the magical. Come away with us on our charming outing and enjoy our film-making debut!

Ps. Pops, it’s finally cold enough to wear the hat you brought me from Peru! Gracias.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that my hair was still curled from the night before. I do not primp for a trip to Sams.  Wouldn’t want y’all getting the wrong impression of me. I, uh, maybe didn’t even shower?


3 thoughts on “Film Debut!

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