Valentine Schmalentine 1

Happy day of St. Valentine to each one of you! We celebrated in a threefold process here. Enjoy part one! A Friday night date to Auntie Pastas in Nacogdoches:

The homemade decor and wrapping.

Ready for our night out, but first let’s open a present.

I gave Walker a bag of Very Cherry Jelly Belly’s. They’re his absolute favorite, and he told me he can never find them because they stopped selling them most places! I ran across a boutique candy store in the airport a few weeks ago and stopped just to check. They had them! For $3.75 a pound. What?! I got two pounds for that rate! Get to the checkout and find out they were actually $13.75 a pound. Too embarrassed to put them back, he wound up with his favorite treat. And I felt good about it.


I was walking through the Lufkin Mall yesterday and what did I spot? Oh, just your average, everyday candy store selling Very Cherry Jelly Beans for oh, you know, much cheaper than a boutique airport candy store. He then admits that because a small candy store in Granbury stopped selling them he assumed most places stopped as well. Dave Ramsey is mad, but Walker is happy! To me, he’s probably the most important of the two!

Walker gave me… AHHHHHHHHHHHH… I still can’t believe what he gave me! My current dream is to own an English bulldog. Due to renting a house, the lack of a fenced backyard, and newlywed finances, it is just a dream. Walker gave me TWO play-dates with bulldogs. The first is a date with Mabel, the mom bulldog. My second is a playtime with SEVEN bulldog PUPPIES! This probably falls within my top 2 gifts ever received. The other being the swing-set my parents gave me back in the day.

Funny story: I found that card in Target one day. There is quite literally no better card for Walker to give me, considering he incorporates bacon into every meal he can. So, I bought the card and gave it to Walker to give to me, and he did. Take a look at those pups!

Our quaint little date to an Italian restaurant in Nacogdoches. Auntie Pastas!

Finally, enjoy this short clip. Walker took a video because he knew how excited I would be. If you know me well, you know that I’m not very expressive when receiving a gift. Even though I might LOVE what I’ve gotten, I normally just react with “Thank you, I really like it.” So this is a big, big deal.

Also, you might misinterpret the “Walker” at the beginning with me being gushy; however, if I let you inside my head, you might hear “Walker bought me a bulldog and I’m so happy but we absolutely can’t afford this. Do I act excited? We can’t afford this! What do I say, What do I say? Uh, Waaaalker!”  Enjoy :


6 thoughts on “Valentine Schmalentine 1

  1. Ok, I’m so glad to know there is someone else out there that feels the same way about bulldogs as I do! That is the BEST gift ever. Walker needs to be teaching me husband a thing or two:)

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