Valentine Schmalentine 3

Watch out, picture overload coming your way! We spent our Valentines night serving at the church banquet. I thought it was for the senior adults, so I was pumped! Once I got there I realized it seemed to be for everyone, but I still got to gawk over the cute little old ladies and gentlemen! Everyone was dressed to the nine, and I got to wear my new blue pants!

The orchestra strummed, youth and deacons served, and Dustin Ellermann was the guest speaker. He won last season’s episode of Top Shot… a reality show about who can shoot the best. Walker calls it a marksman competition. Having been raised in an anti-gun household (am I even allowed to say that in the E.Tex?), I was less than pumped, but I was pleasantly surprised, and everyone just loved him. I think my husband is his #1 fan. I should probably get him a coffee mug that says that.

I caught Walker in the bathroom mirror practicing how we was going to greet Dustin while brushing his teeth. Looks like this is the “what’s up shooter” approach. This was only after he had also said, “How do I look?” and “I bet Dustin can’t wait to meet me!”

Pink and red all over da place!

I’d say it was a pretty good turnout.


Walker meets Dustin! Although I didn’t see him use any of his moves he was practicing.

And I got a balloon!!! I wore my heart necklace, because cheesy isn’t always bad.

Nathan and Walker watched last season’s Top Shot together.

Walker putting his newly-signed bullet into my head. Yep, we’re weird…more often than not.

I love this picture! And my new, bright blue pants!

Here’s to hoping we all celebrate everyday like it’s Valentines Day! Let’s all love each other a little bit more.


The McWilliams


One thought on “Valentine Schmalentine 3

  1. Okay, I didn’t know Walker was a “gun” fan. I may have to give Lynn the “we love you best award now. ” 🙂

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