Mabel and Me

Y’all! I would like to introduce you to Mabel! The cutest and prissiest bulldog ya ever did see!

I stressed over what to wear, Walker grabbed his 7D and video camera, and we headed to meet the breeder at Buckner where she works.  I learned two things from this date:

1. I still want a bulldog. More than ever.

2. I need a serious color and cut. Please ignore the state of my not so golden locks.

Here is our love affair documented! Video at the end!

We both decided to wear our neon!

So excited…but is anyone else SO annoyed that my zipper seam and cardigan buttons are out of alignment in every picture?

Bulldog or seal?

Can you spot the slobber on my upper right thigh? Not even my own dogs are allowed to slobber on me.

Both a little squinty!

I kept singing “It’s Mabel and me tonight” to Hanson’s ever-popular tune of “Penny and me tonight” throughout the entire play date. Hope y’all liked our engagement photos! Bring on those PUPPIES! Miss you, Mabes.


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