I would like to introduce you to our friend Lizzie. She is a senior in our youth group here in Lufkin.Walker and I both agree that we have never met a more positive, joyful and mature young lady. We’ve also never met someone who loves bacon as much as she does. She is adored by all in the youth group and lives every second of her life as a witness of her unshakeable faith.

Recently, Lizzie was diagnosed with cancer, and she started her chemo treatment last week. Walker and I drove to Houston on Tuesday to visit her at Texas Children’s Hospital where we found her room full of family and friends. We could hear the laughter roaring from her room the second the elevator doors opened. Even in this trial, she is still joyful and positive.

Please join with Walker and me in praying for our sweet, young friend. For her healing. For her peace. For her family, her friends, finances, safe travel and the youth group. For her dad who is currently stationed in Afghanistan and is applying for a compassion transfer to be close by. When we left, Walker asked Lizze what we could be praying for specifically. She answered, “All the kids in this hospital.” So for her young companions in the hospital as well.


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