You’ve probably heard by now, but Walker surprised me with a bulldog puppy all my own! Her name is Opal and we’ve fallen in love with her. I was not expecting this at all. Our landlord said absolutely no pets. Come to find out, Walker was lying, and our landlord has been fine with it all along.

I was laying on the couch Wednesday afternoon when I was instructed to come outside. He made me wear a video camera on the side of my head to capture the reveal from a different angle. This was in addition to the video camera he was holding and the camera on a tripod he had set up. Yep, 3 cameras, because he knew my reaction would be that good. Well, he thinks it’s good. I think it’s embarrassing.

Her current hobbies are chewing on our toes, arms and hair, rolling in mud, burying herself in our dirty clothes, sleeping, chewing on furniture, eating our tulips, chewing on the rug, and being cute.

Here’s a fun video plus some pictures of our precious puppy over the last few days.

Uh, ok, this is seriously embarrassing, but Walker bought me a pup, and Walker wants this video posted, so posted it will be.


Thanks, husband. You are literally the best (said like Chris on Parks and Rec).


2 thoughts on “OPAL

  1. We’ve always anted a bill dog but when we were 1st married in 2005 we couldn’t afford one. We have a pug instead! The next best breed! 😉

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