Date Night: Peking Acrobats

Today Walker was given some tickets to the Peking Acrobats, an acrobatic group from Beijing who stopped by Angelina College on their US tour. So, we went on our first date since our little baby Opal came into our lives!

They put on an incredible show of balance, strength, flexibility, costume and artistic dance. We loved having some international culture here in Lufkin. During intermission we practiced our Chinese but were interrupted by the 85 year old man next to me who was making fun of me for not having 4G. Then he asked Walker to check the BU vs. Florida score. He was a keeper.

No pictures were allowed during the show. Bummer. Afterward we were too embarrassed to take a picture with them, so I pulled a creeper move and took one of a few acrobats from behind.

Then we had our own flexibility competition when we got home.

Pretty sure I won. Although it’s still a pathetic attempt.


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