This Weekend

This weekend we:

1. Ate sushi. 2. Saw The Hunger Games. 3. Walker went to Galveston and Houston to help feed the homeless. 4. Had two puppy play dates. 5. Ate shrimp, crab, potatoes and corn at Boil n’ Go. 6. Played washers. 7. Rode in a convertible. 8. Ordered our first snow cone of the season. 9. Went roller skating with the youth. 10. Gave Opal a bath. 11. Went to PetSmart. 12. Katelyn watched the MadMen premiere. 12. Ate catfish and s’mores. 13.Soaked up every minute of our friends, each other, and the warm weather.

Grateful for rejuvenating weekends.

On a side note, I fell in the shower this morning. I’m officially 85 years old.



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