That Time We Won The Lottery!

Last night we went to our friends’ house for a game night. We played Imaginiff, but let’s be honest, we were actually there for the ultimate game. The Lottery. The lottery worth 640,000,000. I’m not sure I had ever touched a lottery ticket until last year when Walker’s parents bought me a scratch-off for Easter…which I won.  Were we as lucky this time?

We took this.

Turned it into this.

Waited for this.

Some of us were very intense.

Others not so much.

The boys were focused. And then they were disappointed,

because of course we didn’t win.

But that’s ok. Yes, we still have school loans and car payments. We will continue to pinch pennies to buy our little girl her all-natural dog food. And I’ll spend my money on gas instead of a cute skirt. But we have each other. And a baby bully. And we spent last night with friends. So we’re thinking that’s just as good as millions. For now…


3 thoughts on “That Time We Won The Lottery!

  1. Cute post! But in my defense, it technically was the Easter Bunny who gave you the lottery ticket (in Walker’s Easter basket on the front porch)! LOL

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