Waco Waco WACO!

Unfortunately, on the Monday after Easter, we had to attend the funeral of a close family friend of Walker’s. We made the drive to Granbury, celebrated the life of Tom and spent Monday evening with close family friends. There was actually something peaceful about going to a funeral the day after Easter. Something saying that this is what yesterday was all about.

We decided the best thing we could do on Tuesday was to slowly make our way back to Lufkin. We were both going to miss work anyway, so we took our time. Beautiful Waco was calling our name. We needed a good day of refreshing, and there’s nothing better than being refreshed by good friends and familiarity. We didn’t get to see everyone, but we’ll be back soon!

Friends. Schmaltzs. Laughter. Babies. Babies crying. Introducing Opal to friends. Jason’s Deli. Truett. Professors. Common Grounds. Conversations. Hugs. Bangkok Royal. Sneaking a bulldog into Truett. Feeling known. Driving down familiar streets lined with trees. Never getting lost. Friends.

Waco, I didn’t always think you were da’ bomb, but now I think you are the Blue Bell to my blackberry cobbler.

And of course this gem that proves my mothering skillz will be awesome!

Wish would have gotten pics with Chris, Danielle, Dr. Stroope, Grear…but there’s always next time, and there will definitely be a next time!


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