Relay for Life- Team Lizzie

Hey friends and family! You’ve heard me talk about Lizzie both here and here. The success of this post is a long shot…because it has to do with fundraising. I’ve never been good at fundraising. (Although I am good at raising fun.)  Asking people for money is just about the worst.

I dont’ think there is one of you reading this post that has not been affected by cancer in some way or another. We started a Relay for Life team in honor of Lizzie, and it will be May 4 from 7pm-7am. We will all take turns walking around a track for the full 12 hours. The money we raise goes to the American Cancer Society in order to help support people just like Lizzie and all the people you have known with cancer.

Here’s how you can help: 1. Join our team, fundraise $100 and walk with us! 2. Donate to our team here.  3. Spread the word. 4. Come to the team meeting at the church on Tuesday at 5:30. 5. Ask me any questions about how you can help.

I know money is tight for lots 0′ people right now, but I wouldn’t be doing my job as team captain if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and ask!

Also, Lizzie is expecting some crucial test results today. She finds out today whether her chemo has been working. Please say a prayer or think a good thought for her. Please.

Here’s the stunning little lady at prom.


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