Jeremy, Sara and Baby Thad

Last weekend Walker had the opportunity to play in a charity golf tournament in….WACO! It was a quick 24 hour trip, but nonetheless we eagerly made the trek ‘home.’ Our Friday night was dedicated to spending some quality time with the Bouchers. Jeremy was Walker’s roommate in college and groomsman in our wedding. Lucky for us they moved to Waco so Jeremy could take some classes from Truett, so we got to spend lots of time with them and their tiny (but not so tiny) red-headed wonder, THAD. This summer they are moving to Lebanon fulfilling their dream of living among the people of the Middle East. We will miss them, but we can’t wait to see pictures of Thad running around with the little Lebanese boys staying at the orphanage where they will be living.

We ate ribs and a salad even Walker enjoyed. Thad and Opal became quick besties, but we put the babies to bed and played a game of cards. Much laughter was had…at my expense due to my inability to understand said card game. We had conversations that Walker and I were desperate to have while indulging in two homemade desserts. It was a carefree night with good friends we wish weren’t moving so far away, but we are so happy you are moving far away. Guess we better start booking our tickets to Beruit.


One thought on “Jeremy, Sara and Baby Thad

  1. Ha! I love these pictures! I’m about to show Thad so he can like them too…

    And yes. Book tickets to Beirut!!

    You’ve remained close in our prayers – thanks for confiding in us 🙂

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