Garage Sale!

Lots of hard work and $485 dollars later, the garage sale is successfully over. We spent the week gathering items, sorting, pricing and realizing how much work goes into selling your junk, but I’d do it all over again. Our required preparation meant lots of hangout time with the Longinos and the Henrys…precious time spent with friends during the Henry’s last week in Lufkin. Lots of late-night, delirious laughter going on inside that garage. Friday night all three couples spent the night at the Henry’s house to wake up the next morning at 6 and begin the sale! Besides a rude customer and a few stolen items, everything went smoothly! Our exhausted bodies pushed through to the night and went to Keith’s house for a going away party where Walker, Becca and I proved our smarts as the winning team of Buzzerweezer. Sunday night allowed for one last Outback dinner and a chance for the best friends, Opal and Maddie to say goodbye. We will miss Kevin and Katie every day, but Opal will probably miss Maddie just a little bit more! Come and visit soon, friends! The Longinos, Hendersons and McWilliams are waiting!


Garage Sale Day!

Goodbye Henrys.





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