i gave up deoderant…

Lately we’ve been working on going green. Building our garden, making the extra effort to drop our plastic, cardboard, etc. at the recycling plant, and using recyclable grocery bags. Now we are venturing to other areas…hygiene! We are reducing the amount of chemicals we put into our body as well as reducing the amount of money we spend! Our friend Kelsey is the queen of homemade products, so thanks to her for some great ideas!

Face wash: Kelsey (I was going to link her blog to this, but I can’t find the link on fbook anymore. She doesn’t know it, but I stalked her blog hardcore before I met her.) introduced me to a new way to wash my face. Honey and baking soda. A teaspoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of locally-grown honey. Mix into a paste in the palm of your hand and wash away. Leaves your skin clean and oh so smooth. Walker and Jared both tried it while we were in Waco and were impressed as well. Didn’t even leave their beards sticky! Cara Jane  and Shauna have been dabbling in the experiment as well. We’ll see what they think.

Deodorant: Alcohol. That’s it. People have been making fun of me for getting rid of deodorant, but I can’t figure out why when it is linked to both Alzheimer’s and cancer. I’m a sweater. I’ve always been self-conscious about the amount I can sweat while just sitting still. Although this alcohol solution isn’t an antiperspirant, only deodorant, I’m almost positive I’ve been sweating less, too! Put 99% Isopropyl alcohol (I’ve been using 70%) into a spray bottle (Baylor colored bottles work better) and spray one or two spritzes on each armpit. It doesn’t sting even after I shave my pits. Sometimes I have to reapply to freshen up in the evening, but it usually keeps me smelling nice all day long! Super cheap and super effective. Save your money and your memory!

Toothpaste: Found this recipe online and my teeth feel great. I would recommend using a little less salt as I felt like I was drinking ocean water. Using this method we can save around $4 a tube!


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