Katelyn tries recipes. What?

Never did I think I would post anything like this on our blog. I’m not a cook. Never have been and certainly am not currently. One day, maybe. Recently I tried three recipes that I was attracted to for one reason…they required no more than two steps each. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I just thought I would share in case some of our friends and fam are anything like me and appreciate an easy recipe. The best part is that each of these is healthy! Walker LOVED all three, which made me love these even more.

This one is incredible! Cookie dough balls! They taste like cookie dough, and for two nut-haters, this almond and walnut based snack is delicious! Such a healthy treat. Find photo and recipe here.

Number 2: Dried strawberries. Cut strawberries into fourths and lay on baking sheet. (Make sure inside of strawberry is facing up.) Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and bake at 210 degrees F for 3 hours. I made these for a 2nd time this week and asked Walker to take them out of the oven while I was at work. I came home and 75% of the strawberries had already been eaten. Photo here.

Finally, sour grapes. The blogger said they taste like Sour Patch Kids. While I have to disagree in that they are nowhere near that sour, they are delicious! Wash your grapes and de-stem. Do not dry them. Put in gallon plastic baggie and pour in lime Jello powder. Mix, shake and dance. Refrigerate for a few hours and eat. They did seem to get more sour overnight. Walker liked to pretend he was a Greek God eating grapes on the couch. Yes, he literally ate them like he was royalty.


One thought on “Katelyn tries recipes. What?

  1. Well done Katelyn – we love following your Love in Lufkin posts – makes us feel like we are there in Lufkin with y’all – get withdrawal symtems when there are no posts for a few days.

    Can’t figure out how to get to the last post without going through all of the previous ones – any hints?

    Love to you Judy and Peter

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