Happy Birthday, Walker!

Walker turned 27 yesterday! We didn’t celebrate the usual way, but we wouldn’t have changed a thang. Walker left the house at 5:30 a.m. and drove to Houston for Lizzie’s surgery. The surgery scheduled for 7:30 a.m. got pushed back until early afternoon, so Walker got a chance to hang out and joke with her during the morning hours. After she went to sleep, he ate in the hospital cafeteria. I told him I was jealous and asked him if he was eating in scrubs gossiping about the other doctors and nurses like on Grey’s Anatomy. He didn’t even acknowledge my comment.

He didn’t tell anyone it was his birthday, but Lizzie already knew and told her mom. I had sent Walker with some birthday muffins for the long day, and he graciously offered them to the starving family members in the waiting room. Lizzie’s mom announced that it was Walker’s birthday and after realizing they had eaten his b-day muffins, the entire waiting room sang him ‘Happy Birthday.’

The 8 hour surgery only lasted 4.5 hours, so Walker left the hospital around 7:30. We were planning on inviting some friends over for cake, but since it was so late we thought we’d reschedule. But the Longinos showed up in good friend fashion and celebrated Walker’s 27th year around 9:30 p.m. I had baked him a 4-layer cake complete with sparkler candles and sprinkles. I laughed many times throughout the day at the size of it. Huge. It reminded me of when Bruce had to eat the chocolate cake in one of my favorite childhood movies, Matilda. Bruce! Bruce! Bruce! We indulged in a piece of cake (which really equalled 4), debriefed the day and allowed Walker to relax with some T.V. watching.

Yesterday on Facebook I said that ‘most days I’m glad Walker was born,’ but when I realize I’m married to a man that will spend his entire birthday sitting in a waiting room with the family of a child with cancer, I see just how good I have it. Kinda reminds me of my dad. Thanks for being you, because I think every person who knows you is glad you were born! Opal and I love you! Happy Birthday!

Lizzie’s surgery went well! She has an extremely rare form of liver cancer that only 25 people in the U.S. get each year. Her survival rate was low. The chemo did not work, thus the surgery. The doctor removed a lymph node by her heart, one by her esophagus, 2 from her diaphragm, 2 by her bile duct, 4 more they were surprised to find and 1/3 of her liver. The doctor says he was able to remove all of the cancer he could see. They will have to wait for test results to see if they actually indeed did remove it all, and then to see if it comes back. But, the doctor was confident! The surgery went better than we were expecting! We are hopeful! (I am not a doctor, so if I misunderstood any of this information, I will re-update you. Thank you to our family and friend who have been so supportive of Lizzie even though you’ve never met her!)


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Walker!

  1. I think this might be the sweetest thing you’ve said about Walker & I’ve heard you say nice things before! Hopeful news about Lizzie.

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