Casey and Brittany

Last weekend Casey and Brittany joined us in Lufkin for a crazy, busy weekend. They were troopers and we appreciate it! Casey was Walker’s roommate through Truett, but before they became besties, Walker travelled to China with Brittany in college. Brittany later lived in China for two years and is now at Truett as well. Insert small world example here.

Casey is a videographer and came east to do some video work for Walker’s youth group. Brittany came with him and talked about China the whole time. Just kidding…

They joined us at Relay for Life for a little bit, we walked around downtown Lufkin Saturday afternoon, and they came with us to the church picnic on Sunday. Casey did some filming and Brittany studied for a final. Not to mention Boil ‘n Go and the Avengers tucked in there, too! They were so nice to allow Walker and I to take multiple naps so we could attempt to catch up on our sleep lost at Relay.

So fun to have y’all here. Thanks for coming, and do it again when the calendar isn’t so full!


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