Jordan & Hannah

I washed the guest sheets twice this week! Jordan and Hannah made a quick trip to Lufkin to spend Wednesday night and Thursday with us. They were both youth at Chalk Bluff the first year Walker became youth minister, but now they are to be introduced only as friends (they made that clear to us).

We walked them through downtown Lufkin, grabbed some brunch snacks at Standpipe and against good judgement ate lunch at Rays–the local burger dynasty. Good but greasy. Twas so fun to have them in town for a few hours. You will forever be on our fridge o’ fame!

We have had 3 sets of guests come and visit us, and each one leaves saying what a ‘relaxing’ weekend they had. So, if you’re looking to lay around one weekend, we’re the friends to visit!


2 thoughts on “Jordan & Hannah

  1. Exciting blog. I didln’t learn the judgment didn’t have that “e” after the “g” until I was 30. You are much younger, and I’m so glad to see you are following in my footsteps — in much better ways, I must admit. ;__/).

  2. P.S. I dont’ know what ;_/) means. Let me know. You are younger, and I’m sure you have more insurance.

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