Mother’s Day Opal’s Way

I drive into Lufkin Saturday evening to find my husband and puppy jumping up and down on the front porch. As soon as I get out of the car Walker starts yelling, “Opal got you a gift!”  I find a new bike, family pictures and a card (complete with Opal’s paw print…Walker shaded her paw with a pencil and stamped) waiting for me. The bike matches the one in our front yard that belonged to my dad as a child. I was not expecting to celebrate Mother’s Day, but Opal had different plans. Actually, she has a dad that spent his birthday money on someone beside himself. Reason #801 he’s a keeper. Next time you see Walker you should ask him about that one time he tried to fit a bike into his Civic…

Hoping our own moms are enjoying their special day!

And here’s to celebrating all women today!

And hope you’re having fun in Brazil, mom!


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