a lil’ family time

Mother dearest does a Texas Tour every summer when she furiously travels the state making her rounds to see as many friends and family as possible. I was lucky to make the cut this time, although I think we had two factors rooting for us…Grandmother lives an hour away and mom had yet to meet her grandpuppy, Opal. Mom and Grandmother made their way to Lufkin just in time for church on Sunday. After a wonderful, paid-for lunch we hurried home to see Opal Lou and our garden!

All four generations of girls!

Our first crop. Squash! (That we let get a little too big. First time farmers.)

Then we all made our way back to Jacksonville to spend Sunday evening and Monday. Mom and I visited a produce market and ran some errands around town while Walker caught up on some sleep and Grandmother cooked a roast!

Opal and Grandmother became quick buddies as the pup literally followed her step for step, but I don’t think Grandmother hated it one bit.

We said goodbye to Jacksonville only after a little drama caused us a delay. While walking to our car with bags in hand a neighbor rang the doorbell to say there was smoke coming from the roof. Walker was up in the attic even before we could tell him to be careful. Mom, Grandmother and I stood in the street talking to neighbors as mom asked one man (who she went to school with) about his brother. “Well, he passed away in his twenties.” Then she asked about his sister. “Well, she passed away the next year.” On that note, we made our way to the attic ladder to hear Walker’s findings…a leaky gas pipe that he temporarily repaired.

Our second attempt at heading home went a little easier until I realized (15 miles down the road) that in the chaos I completely forgot to put my two bags in the car. Back to Grandmother’s house we went once again. On our third attempt we made it back to Lufkin around 11 p.m.!

Mom came to Lufkin on Wednesday to spend the day with us but mostly Opal. We shopped around town, took a coffee and tea break, caught her up on the latest apps and taught her how to use the ones she has.

Thanks for including us on your Tour de Texas, Mom! We loved having you in our guest room, and Opal says thank you for the new bones! I actually gave her one before I started writing this so it would serve as babysitter her for a few hours. Your grandpuppy misses you, but probably not as much as she misses her Great Grandmother! Our little family will make our way back to J-Ville very soon!



2 thoughts on “a lil’ family time

  1. Loved this one … as usual. But I see you had your grandmother washing dishes or cleaning or something, so will she adopt me :)? Did you hear about your partner in crime, Claire?

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