Blue Hole!

Talk about a hidden treasure.

Last Saturday we had some major fun.

Hall and Becca took a group of us to THE BLUE HOLE!

In the middle of nowhere deep east texas lies the lies a body of water to which none can compare. It is an old mining quarry that filled with water at some point meaning there are still bulldozers at the bottom. The type of rock that lines the massive, man-made lake prevents any life or growth, making it the most marvelous swimming pool in the world! That’s right– no fish, no snakes, no algae, no plants, no nothing to worry about! The best part is that it’s privately owned, so we got the place all to ourselves!

The crystal water resembles an Arizona blue sky and lined with cliffs and pine trees. The girls chose smaller cliffs to jump from and then stuck to the floats and rafts for the rest of the afternoon. We chose relaxation. The boys on the other hand chose adventure. Give a boy a cliff and he will jump. Not necessarily because he wants to, but because the other boys are doing it so he has to.

Walker, being a water fanatic, brought along his entire set of scuba gear including three cameras to capture the action. His amateur videography is pretty impressive. Watch for yourself!

Thanks for an unforgettable afternoon, Hendersons. Please take us back!


8 thoughts on “Blue Hole!

      • I know this post is 2012…but I used to go there ALL the time; we had lots of fun. It was all “open” at that time and we knew how to get there. My older brother said he tried to get in there several years ago and everything is all fenced up…how did you get in or who do you contact to go visit and take my kids and grandkids to???

      • Yes, Blue Hole is privately owned now. Some of our good friends are part owners, so they took us one weekend. I’m not sure there is any way for the public to go now. Sorry for the bad news!

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    • I “visited” a couple weeks ago; it’s all fenced and you have to have special permission. It is being called The Blue Hole by the new owners but it isn’t what most of us grew up knowing as The Blue Hole. I stopped a local resident and chatted; the old hole is no longer there and it has all been expanded/demolished from what we once knew. It still looks like a beautiful place to visit and I’d love to take my family. I haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone yet.

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