Last weekend we went on Wacation. Somewhere between a vacation and a staycation–we went to Waco. Our initial purpose was to attend Connally graduation where some of our favorite 18 year olds graduated. Our third graduation to attend in the last two weeks. These are some special youth from Walker’s church in Waco. Then, one day without consulting me Walker took Sunday off and decided we were going to have a mini vacation. After my “wait, you didn’t ask me?” and “what? that’s not the plan. you can’t change the plan!” I jumped on board.

We are in the middle of busy season. Actually, we’re transitioning from really busy season to super busy season. Spring is quite the feat for youth ministers. Between the baseball and softball games, scholarship and award ceremonies, dance shows, graduations, senior lunches and videos, and surgeries (gosh Lizzie, so high maintenance), we have been running around like crazy. Times all those activities by 2 since we have 2 high schools. There were a couple weeks where Walker didn’t come home until 9:30 every single night. Youth, if you ever doubt your youth minister cares about you, he does.

Now we enter super busy season. Camps. Walker and the youth will be on the move this summer as they head to Louisiana, Belton, Lubbock and Nashville. Not to mention all of their events around town. If anybody wants to come visit me, or wants me to come visit them, I’m all in! I know how to travel, too!

Realizing we needed to take a weekend just for us, we spent our three precious days in Waco. Walker’s parents took pity on us and got us 3 hotel nights so we didn’t have to inconvenience our friends as we always do. They also babysat Opal giving us even less responsibility! Thank you!

We loved our weekend away even if it wasn’t really away. Highlights:

1. Giving Opal hugs and kisses and then not knowing what to do without her.

2. Graduation and celebratory dinner afterwards. Lots of laughter and reminiscing.

3. A run in Cameron Park.

4. Exploring the new outdoor store in Waco. Walker wanted a bike. I wanted bubble tea.

5.  Shopped around a real mall!

6. Ate dinner with Seth, Meredith and Monte before they move to Vancouver, Canada!

7. Ate too many sandwiches at a graduation lunch.

8. Saw Snow White and the Huntsmen…in the movie theater’s new leather seats!

9. Went to the Farmer’s Market!

9.5 Common Ground with Chris.

10. Drove to Dallas to visit Lauren before she moves to China. Went to fun ‘make your own pizza place’ followed by some freaking good cupcakes and then a food coma nap.

11. Met up with Jared and Gabby to eat Lauren’s goodbye (‘birthday’) dinner. Said goodbye. Sad face.

12. Rescued Dinah’s missing kitten.

13. Worshipped with our Waco church family.

14. Ate Jason’s Deli for Walker’s sake.


We are grateful for a few days of rest and a few days of together time. Feeling a little bit more prepared for the upcoming summer of chaos.This time Waco, Next time Spain! I Wish!

I think a friendship is strong when it includes napping together.

They slept like this on the ride home to Lufkin. THE cutest.


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