Pasture Putt-Putt

Cross that one off the Lufkin bucket list!

In an effort to explore the tiny treasures hidden throughout Lufkin, Walker and I planned a date night to play Putt-Putt…in a pasture. For real, the course is in the middle of a grassy field, and a man was actually mowing while we putted away.

It’s not the flashiest mini-golf I’ve ever seen, but I think it’s my favorite! We loved laughing underneath the low-hanging twinkle lights (and one bug light) while competing for the lowest score.

Walker walked away with the lowest number of strokes, but since we gave the win to the player who won the last hole, just call me a champion. We found you charming King Putt! We will definitely be back, especially since you gave us a free pass.

I should keep a count of how many times my bright blue pants show up on this blog…


4 thoughts on “Pasture Putt-Putt

  1. I love your blue pants but I really love your hair this way (& it’s how my Granny Tarpley wore her hair!)

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