Opal Lately

I’ve been missing baby Opal lately.

Opal used to wake me up early in the morning back in the days when her bladder was teeny tiny. I sat outside on our front porch step while she did her business, and then she would come sit at my feet right between my legs. I would stroke her ears, and then she would move up to the top step and sit right beside me. We shared a couple of peaceful moments in the early morning sunrise every single day.

We would hang together throughout the morning while Walker slept. Sometimes we played and sometimes she would sleep in my lap. We both waited anxiously to hear our favorite words come from the bedroom. “Where are my laaaadies?”

Nowadays she wakes up ready to chew, and anytime I take her outside I’m on ‘keep her from running in the street’ and ‘get out from under the house’ duty. She cares very little for her toys and is more focused on our forearms, underwear and socks. She’s entered full-time puppy mode.

While I love her more and more everyday, sometimes I just miss our mornings together.

Wow, you’d think she was a real baby the way I talk about her. I guess for now she is my baby. And yes, I realize how pathetic I sound.

Love you, Opal, no matter how big you get!


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