Boys Only Like Fireworks that Make Noise

My best memories of the Fourth center around family, friends, laughter and fireworks.

As a child, my Fourths were spent on vacation with my family and our good friends, the Whites. We would float the lazy river all day and then head to the golf course to watch the fireworks while my dad told jokes that made no sense. As an adult, my favorite celebrations have come while overseas. There’s just something about the camaraderie between Americans when you are celebrating out of the country. See here.

2012 might be one of my faves so far! We each grabbed a pint of our own Blue Bell ice cream and climbed atop the roof of the church to watch fireworks. We belted patriotic songs, told scary stories of hauntings, and discovered that Luke really, really likes a good firework show.

After escaping a possible bat attack, we headed back to our house to play with some of our own. Kelsey and I danced for cars passing by with our sparklers, and the boys cheered each time they made a loud noise with their firecrackers. I would like to publicly apologize to our neighbor, because we were a poppin’ well into the Fifth.

It was a Happy Fourth here! Hoping yours was, too!


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