World Changers Lubbock

We are currently in Nashville, but I wanted to post some pics of our wonderful experience in Lubbock last week with World Changers. 27 of us made the 10-hour trek to west TX for four full days of manual labor. We put new roofs on houses for 7 residents desperately in need of renovations.

Our church group was split into different crews with the other 3 churches present. I joined the Joint Clamps and Walker the Shingle Bells. The hours between 7am and 4pm (Tues-Fri) were spent scraping off old shingles, decking, felting and laying new shingles to provide the homeowner better protection. We not only got to spend time on their roofs, but we got to have conversations with the residents and play with the children. Nothing like loving on people!

On Wednesday night we got to visit with Phillip and Loren (Walker’s best friend) and their tiny tot, Henry! Even more fun ensued the next night at Joyland, a local amusement park! It was an exhausting week, but how awesome to see 4 churches from TX, NM and MO come together to help make life a little better for 7 families. And the best part is that most of the work was done by teenagers!



Above picture explanation: Walker and I were having a conversation on the border of the girls side and boys side of the sleeping quarters. The youth minister of the church in Lubbock literally pulled a gate down right in the middle of us. And there it stayed the whole week.

Mom, I spent a minimum of 36 hours in complete sunlight and came home with zero sunburn. Take pride.


4 thoughts on “World Changers Lubbock

  1. So glad to read about your wonderful week you and the youth have had, helping people who needed help, and enjoying fellow shipping with others. Congratulations!

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