Travel. Loved Ones. Life.

These past few weeks have been a traveling fiesta- just the way I like it. I tend to get claustrophobic if I stay in the same place with out some sort of exploration every once in short while. After Lubbock, we had a busy Sunday in Lufkin and then hit the road toward Nashville with our graduated seniors. Country Music Hall of Fame. Night time zip-lining. Pancake Pantry. Burger Up. Beth…

Straight from Nashville to Dallas, I was gifted with a girls weekend at the lake with some Baylor buds. We took the boat out, ran out of charge on the bad boy, cooked healthy meals, relaxed relaxed relaxed, caught up on life, and of course let the laughter spew from our hearts at every chance.

Next stop: Tucson with a sprinkle of Phoenix. I exchanged a boat for an airplane and headed home to the padres, the puppies and the besties. I’m already ready to go back.

Final stop: Houston. I parked in Lufkin Friday night, greeted the husband and kissed the pup just in time to glue myself to the opening ceremony of the Olympics! We headed to Houston, along with other seminary friends, on Saturday to witness our friend, Amanda, become ordained to the ministry.

I love traveling. And I love my family. And my friends. And my dogs. Most people might feel exhausted after 3 weeks of non-stop travel in 3 states/6 cities, but I find myself rejuvenated. And grateful.


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