Happy Face Sad Face

This weekend was both happy and sad here in Lufkin. On Saturday morning Walker and I worked with 72 other members from our church to pack 10,000 meals to send to the Horn of Africa. This region is currently enduring years of famine causing the cattle to die, water to disappear, crops to stop growing, people to suffer from starvation and the list goes on. We packed dehydrated vitamins, protein and vegetables into individual baggies, and each baggie will feed 6 people when combined with rice or chickpea! The rice/chickpea will be purchased in Ethiopia to help stimulate the local economy! With the other churches involved, Meals 4 Multitudes is hoping to feed 500,000 people in this region!

We had lots of laughter packing beside our friends Hall and Becca who we just found out are expecting their first little one in February! Sadly, our afternoon wasn’t quite as happy. We helped the Longinos finish packing their Uhaul and waved goodbye as they drove away. Our second set of friends to lose in the last few months. Boooo. We miss y’all already!


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