Remember that time Truett started taking over Oklahoma?

Last weekend I road tripped myself up to Norman to visit some of my favorite friends from seminary. Or really just some of my favorites in general. Cara Jane and I practically lived the same life for 3 years, so the realization that we hadn’t seen each other in 10.5 months was too much to take. Only solution: put on my big girl panties and make the drive!

Luckily, everybody I know seems to be moving  to the sooner state. I thankfully spent some time with Lauren before she moves to China in a week and with Dinah who I hadn’t seen in two whole weeks!

Our weekend was filled with cool temperatures, walks and talks, healthy food, calling professors who have yet to call us back, Parks n Rec, and experiencing a spiritual transformation by seeing the movie remake Sparkle! That might seem like a dramatic statement, but I loved this film! #imisswhitney! Other highlights included being presently surprised with the beauty of the OU campus and getting to see the OKC bombing memorial at night time. I’ve never had much desire to visit Oklahoma, but I kind of secretly fell in love and can’t wait to go back!

Cara Jane. Dinah. Lauren. Chris. Thanks for being my friends! I am grateful for each of you. You are welcome in Lufkin anytime. Like, I’m free tomorrow…

Until next time, Bye-bye lil’ Sebastian!


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