a gentle reminder at walmart

Yesterday I went to Walmart, and I’m better for it.

I asked an older lady with a bun where to find an item and she personally led me halfway across the store to find it. As she walked and talked with kindness I couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity, It didn’t take long to realize that this little lady smelled exactly like another little lady. Gobble. I think Gobble would have  led a stranger across the store, too.

While wheeling my cart to the car I noticed the cart collector was rounding up buggies, and he only had one arm. I usually dread the 10 extra steps I have to take to return it to the designated area, but he had 30 carts and 1 arm. And to top it off, when I turned around he was waiting there for me so he could personally return my cart. Thank you nice, sir!

I reaped the benefits of two people who had decided to be extra kind to others yesterday. I am grateful for the gentle reminder.


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