Happy Labor Day!

We survived our weekend and spent our whole Labor Day in bed! We only awoke to pick up our puppy, eat and watch Bernie. Naps were the name of our game.

We spent Saturday and Sunday with our youth in New Braunfels floating the Comal River and watching 7th graders get sunburned at Schlitterbahn. I came up with my three favorite perks of traveling with youth:

1. Asking (making) the girls brush your hair and give you back scratches. (thanks, Alexis and Kourtney)

2. Group sing alongs to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap. (mainly feeling relieved that this beloved song hasn’t been passed over by the new generation)

3. Observing love triangles. 

It was a tiring two days but well worth the sleep deprivation. Thankful for two days away, time to build relationships with our youth, wonderful parent sponsors, watching young people be kind to one another and having fun, a chance to wear my polka-dot suit, and of course safety. But mostly, finding this gem of a water tower!

Walker: I’ve got everything I need.

Katelyn: Your wife and an inter-tube?

Walker: Yes, but most importantly the river.

Hoping all our friends and family had everything they needed this weekend!


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