Caaaaake! We’ve been waiting to eat our cake for a year, because it was just that good the night of. Although we were expecting lemon and were slightly disappointed to discover German chocolate, it was still that good! Besides that, we had a pretty laid back celebration tonight consisting of a favorite meal, an exchange of gifts, bow ties and denim, and our favorite bully.

And oh yeah, I put on my dress. It’s just the way I remember it–barbecue stain and all–but I can’t say I felt as pretty in it with my rain boots on. If we’ve discovered one thing, it’s that the rain loves us. Rained on our wedding day. Rained on our anniversary trip. Rained today. Rain on, mother nature!

We received so many texts, calls and cards today, and we are so appreciative. What thoughtful people we have in our lives! Thanks for remembering us!

Ps. One night while in San Antonio we decided to make a list of things we learned about each other during our first year of living together. We sat by the rooftop pool under the romantic moonlight (just kidding, there were about 20 kids splish splashing while another kid pulled the emergency alarm) and laughed about this list. Enjoy down below…


1. SHE is a minimalist when it comes to paper towels. 2. SHE really loves Opal. 3. SHE thinks there is difference between cleaning and straightening up. 4. SHE has a different idea of what it means to be healthy than he does. 5. SHE is a recently a fan of denim. 6. SHE loves morning talk. 7. SHE can produce smells worse than mine.

Bonus: SHE is against the idea of midnight snacks. What?!KATELYN LEARNED THESE THINGS ABOUT WALKER:

1. HE will milk being sick for all it’s worth. 2. HE believes in using four paper towels every time he washes his hands. 3. HE can always justify spending money. 4. HE thinks all of his jokes are funny. She thinks some are severely offensive. 5. HE loves night time pillow talk. 6. HE douses himself in Axe body spray after he showers. Yes, for real. 7. HE has the realization that we are best friends on a near daily basis.

Bonus: When HE enters the bathroom to do some serious business, you will most definitely hear Journey playing from his phone every. single. time! 


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