San Antonio

We’ve been taking these past few days to recuperate from our weekend getaway to San Antonio! One of us (cough cough, me…no really, i’m coughing with every click of the keyboard) went on our anniversary trip and came down with the flu/bad cold/something gross. Thanks to our beloved friends Dayquil and Nyquil, a sore throat and runny nose couldn’t keep us down! Although it did almost keep someone down. I would like to apologize to the man riding a motorized wheelchair that I almost ran over while riding our rented bikes in a Nyquil-induced coma. Ding, ding! Girl with the flu coming through!

We enjoyed biking through downtown, strolling the Riverwalk, visiting sketchy parks at night trying to sneak a peak at old missions, encountering history and culture, spotting mariachis at every turn, hearing lots of Spanish, eating eating eating, and most importantly visiting the Alamo! Walker may or may not have gotten a little choked up. He also made the decision that if he was a duck, he would want to live on the Riverwalk.

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to go to San Antonio like we’d planned, but thanks to an extra job that came up and the generous gifts of some church members and parents, we thrived on four days of adventure and quality time! We even got to put on some fancy clothes and eat at a fancy schmancy restaurant! To echo this post, what gracious and supportive people we have in our lives! Thank you!


7 thoughts on “San Antonio

  1. oh oh oh! I LOVE all of your outfits in these pics! Especially the chambray top and orange skirt (do I spy clarks?). And your hair. And your shirt with the bow. And the way you look so naturally, effortlessly stylish in the outfit on the bicycle. Anytime you want to send me outfit pics like these, I will post you on our blog! !!

    • wow, thank you! such nice compliments 🙂 how did you spot those clarks?! you’re good. i was so anti clarks, but dang they are cute and goodness they are comfortable! i’m still not sure i’m worthy for your blog, but if i come up with some fun photos i will send them your way!

      • I spied those clarks because I, too have recently overcome my Clarks prejudices and bought a few pairs. I tried that particular pair on, but I couldn’t pull them off like you have here! I am very serious about the photos. I would love, love, love to do a post on your style. You could write the post or just send me the photos and I can write it. Either way, seriously! Email me! (

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