On our way home from San Antonio we decided to take a detour to the the historic town of Independence, TX. It might have taken us a little longer on the backroads, but it was well worth it to tour the humble home of Baylor University!

Twas the rainiest of days, but Walker only saw sunshine. Put that boy on a historic sight tour, and he’ll leave you in his dust. I had fun twirling in my skirt and longing for my rain boots. What a fun and significant place for any Baylor Bear to visit!


8 thoughts on “Independence!

  1. Great photos – what a magnificent little town – googled it and looked up its history – glad you enjoyed it Walker, Great toe nails Katelyn!!!!!!

  2. Hey, Katelyn! I so enjoy your writings. When I read this about you & Walker visiting Independence, I recalled a bit of your family genealogy connected here. This is where Big Daddy’s mother (your great-grandmother) attended Baylor, in preparation to teach school. Her name was Thelma Eulene Harris–born July 16,1899 in San Saba County. Just guessing she studied there sometime during the years 1915 – 1922. She married Charlie L. Carroll on Jan. 28, 1922 — . At that time teachers could not be married; they lived with a family in the community. She had some interesting stories to tell about her experiences. Have been so interested in your substituting you have been doing and about your upcoming mission trip to Ethiopia. Will you be able to come to see me before you leave? Birthday time is coming up soon for you. Was so glad your first anniversary was celebrated with such joy! With love always, Grandmother. (I also send my love to Walker & Opal!)

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    • I’m glad you enjoy reading this, Grandmother! That is really cool family history! I didn’t know a great-grandparent went to BU, too! 4 generations of bears 🙂 I am trying to find a good day to come visit you! I was sick all last week so I couldn’t sub, but I didn’t want to come get you sick either. Hopefully soon there will be a day to come to Jacksonville! We will surely get there before we go to Africa. Walker and Opal say hello!

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