a very happy birthday

Just wanting to say thank you to the wonderful people in my life who made my birthday so full of love.

To Walker who decorated our house with ‘congratulations’ signs because upon purchase he thought they said ‘happy birthday’…along with flowers and glow-sticks and two perfect gifts meant just for me.

To my family who overloaded me with cards and cookies, e-mails, lunches and phone calls.

To my friends who called, texted, sent cards, told me in person, posted on Facebook and gave hilarious shout outs on Instagram.

To the Longinos who ‘surprisingly’ drove into town to watch me stuff my face at Auntie Pastas (sadly the picture is a no go).

And to Opal who obediently wore a glow stick, but must have partied a little too hard, because she is having stomach issues this morning.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I know 26 will be a year to look forward to because I have all of you in my life, near and far. Y’all are absolutely the best I could ask for!


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