See you soon, Ethiopia!

We’ve finished our typhoid pills and sorted our hygiene supplies. VBS materials have been put together and Pepto Bismal has been bought in bulk. Right now, bags are chaotically being packed with Mumford and Sons pumping us up. That must mean we are heading to Ethiopia this weekend! As excited as we are, I’m not quite sure the reality has set in!

We leave Saturday night out of DFW, spend the night in DC and fly straight to Addis Ababa. We’ll arrive in our home base of Bantu later that evening and get settled in. We will spend the next two days in a rural village doing VBS in the morning and renovating wells in the afternoon. The following two days will be spent in a second village with the same schedule. A final day of tourism and shopping in Addis Ababa, and we head back to DC. Af fun day of sightseeing in DC and back to DFW!

Thank you to every one who so generously collected our hygiene supplies on such short notice. And your prayers, we appreciate them greatly. Continue to pray for: Seeds of the Gospel to be planted in the hearts of the Ethiopians. Traveling mercies. Our health. Continued relationships. The Ethiopian leaders we will be working alongside. Praise for the chance to experience what God is already doing in Ethiopia. Cultural sensitivity. Spiritual rejuvenation for our team members. And finally, that Katelyn doesn’t bring home a child.Walker and I are not only grateful to be venturing to Africa, but we are pumped about spending a week with our team. It’s a hardworking, goofy bunch…and for us that’s perfect. Ps. Contrary to how I may look in the first picture, I am not pregnant!


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