We Made It!

We made it and are currently at a hotel freshening up before we head to Bantu! We’ve been told that for the last week the school we are staying at has been without water and electricity. So we are showering like its our last!

We made some Highs and Lows of our travel day:
Highs: 1. Watching the African sunrise from the air. 2. The tiniest baby behind us who didn’t cry once. 3. Clapping for the pilot at the end of the flight. Such comradery! 4. The flight wasn’t cold at all! 5. Watching the Sound of Music.
Lows: 1. Finding out Walker has an airplane blanket collection. Gross. 2. A urine soaked floor in the bathroom. 3. Being forced to watch the remake of the 3 Stooges because the lady next to you started pushing the buttons on your screen and insisted You watch it. For the record, I hate that kind of “comedy.”
Our lows are really just for good laugh because it has been a great trip so far with no complaints! Now, how do you solve a problem like Maria?!



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