Home Sweet Bed

We find ourselves writing this post to let our friends and family know that we made it home today safely, but selfishly we are writing in attempt to keep ourselves awake until 9 p.m. Surely that is an acceptable bedtime, because we were ready to lay ourselves down at 6.

We had the most incredible trip that we can’t wait to document on here soon enough! We are both on our computers (with Opal snoring between us) looking at pictures and already wanting to go back. But for now we are relishing in hot showers, chowing down on burgers, brushing our teeth in clean water goodness, celebrating the invention of the mattress and thanking the public bathroom gods for their cleanliness standards.

The remote villages of Ethiopia just might be our new favorite places in the world. The unexpected landscape. The friendliness of the people. We fell in love! And who wouldn’t when you get to wake up to this every morning?


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Bed

    • Now that I think about it, you belong there. They go to bed when the sun sets and wake up when it rises. Actually, the whole time we were there I was awake on my own before the sun came up…without an alarm. I’m sure that makes you proud.

  1. I know you were you were so, so ready for a night’s rest in your own bed in Lufkin! Do hope you feel a bit more rested this morning. Is Opal still lavishing “catch up kisses” on you & Walker? She was so fortunate to have such love & care with Walker’s mom and dad while you we’re away. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful sunrise in Ethiopia that greeted a new day! Am so looking forward to all you have to share about this amazing opportunity & privilege about your experiences, observations, etc. on this missionary journey. Am so thankful & Inspired that you are carrying and sharing “the good news” and love with others in far away places. With lots of love, Grandmother

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    • Yes, our bed and bathroom were the two things we were looking forward to most! We’ve been enjoying both. Well, and Opal. We are hoping to get some pictures up soon!

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