I think I ate my last pomegranate of the season this week (considering I picked the best available and asked the cashier if I could return it if I found it to be rotten)!

i  L.O.V.E. pomegranates

I think, while I crave the taste, I mainly love poms for the way they make me feel even if just for a few bites of my day. For me, they trigger memories of runs in Retiro, racing to catch the closing metro doors, passing by pastry shops and repeating museums. They remind me of laughing with Brad, shopping with two special girls and worshipping with nations near and far. I can smell the baking bread. I can hear the lovely language. I can touch the ancient architecture.

I enjoyed my first fresh pomegranate in a country I think about every day. I plan secret adventures in my head of revealing my favorite places to Walker. Each day a new image of reunions with friends and prancing through undiscovered streets.

When I eat a pomegranate, I am back in this land for a few moments. I cross the sea and return to summers of adventure and freedom and photographs.

i miss you, S.P.A.I.N.


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