Happy Thanksgiving

We hope all of our family, friends and strangers had a happy Thanksgiving! We spent the day with Walker’s side of the family. I was in a Nyquil coma for the most part, but I’m pretty sure there was lots of laughter, old stories and of course good food.

Afterward, we took a little family stroll where we snapped our only pictures for the day. We passed Walker’s old elementary school, and he just had to take me on a tour. His enthusiastic commentary included but was not limited to the following:

“Oh, that’s the window where I planted my lima bean! That’s the nurse’s room where I got my hearing tested! This classroom is where my teacher first discovered that fluorescent lights hurt our eyes! I passed a girl a note in that class that asked if she like me. Those stairs, those were the coolest stairs ever. This is the window where I would stare at myself in my Ken Griffey shoes!”

And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving!

20121122-190354.jpg20121122-190615.jpg20121122-190800.jpg20121122-191249.jpgWe missed you Foster fam!


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