Lizzie Update

We are here with a Lizzie update. You might have read our last post here! What fun it has been to watch Lizzie fall in love with college these past few months. We’ve delighted in seeing her healthy, living boldly and thriving. She even wrote a blog about her gratefulness to cancer and the way it changed her outlook on life.

Our news this time is not what we hoped. Lizzie’s cancer is back, and she has decided not to treat it, choosing quality of life over quantity. That’s all we will say, because we recommend you jump over here and read her own words. They’re much better than ours.

Lucky us, Lizzie sat by us in church this morning while home for the holiday. We visited with this young lady who is just as confident, joyful and peaceful as she sounds in her blog post. As she worshipped with hands lifted high, we sat back in awe of this girl. While we consider her first healing to be an obvious gift, today we were left as witnesses to the true miracle–Lizzie’s spirit. The essence of who she is so closely connected to her Creator that as she has been on display for all to see, we have been seeing God.

I wish Walker and I could say we are mature enough to accept this news as she has, but we aren’t…we are sad. Sad, but still hopeful, and excited to see how this story unfolds as our dear friend sets out to cross things off her bucket list20121125-211917.jpgWalker is squinty and my bangs are a’flyin, but Lizzie is lovely, as always.


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