Follow Up: Random Acts of Kindness

Well, we’ve been featured on the front page of the newspaper and on the regional and local news station.To say it best, the past few days have been emotionally draining! Yes, we know it’s just local, but having to make decisions on whether or not to talk to the media took a lot out of us. We were worried about editing, about how we would be perceived, and if our true message would be portrayed. It’s difficult to give other people your words and allow them to pick and choose the ones they want.

We are happy with the way both outlets did our story, but there are still a few things we want to say, so we are grateful to have this blog!

We chose 15 acts to be symbolic of December 15, the day after the Connecticut shooting. It represented a new day in which Walker and I would choose to live intentionally. We chose a Christmas theme feeling it was appropriate for the time of year, but our hope is that kind gestures would not only be about Christmas, but it would become a lifestyle. If Walker and I wake up on December 26 and forget to love others well, we have missed the whole point.

We don’t plan on having these kinds of Saturdays all that often. Goodness, we can’t afford it, but we can afford to tell the Walmart cashier he or she is doing a great job, write a thank-you note or drop some canned goods off at the food bank. Kindness isn’t about money, it’s about our attitude. It’s about the way we see people. We can choose to view others as our competitors, or we can make the choice to want the best for everybody. We can continue making fun, criticizing and being apathetic, or we can actively work to bring God’s kingdom to earth.

We published the blog to encourage others to be kind–simple as that–but it is our daily actions that will really encourage people to go forth and do likewise. Both media outlets contacted us, and we felt out of our comfort zone to the max. While we have received some criticisms on Facebook for not being anonymous, we are humbled and encouraged by the amount of positive feedback.

Since most of you could only read the first two paragraphs of the newspaper article and have been demanding asking to see, here is the best we could do! Click on each picture, it will take you to a different screen, and then you have the option to zoom.



20121223-091201.jpgThe best part of this has been making fun of ourselves. All. Day. Long.

K: You can’t park on this side of the road, you’ll get a ticket. W: It’s just a few minutes. K: You’re right, we’ll just tell the cop we are the secret santas.

W: Can we get Whataburger? K: No. W: Come on, babe, I’m a secret santa!

W: (First words out of his mouth one morning) What if Obama calls? K: That’d be great, but I’m hoping for Ellen!

By popular request, here is our news segment, and like we said, be kind–don’t make fun of us! Click here!



3 thoughts on “Follow Up: Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Oh my gosh, how’d you do that? We tried forever to get a direct link. Claire to the rescue once again! I’ve already made the changes. Thanks so much, friend!

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