For Walker’s Love of Christmas Decor

This year I decided to do something I’ve never done before—decorate for Christmas! Walker loves Christmas décor, so I set out with my budget of $0 and attempted to bring some festivity to our home. I managed to stay close to my budget, only spending about $5 on three bags of marshmallows and some thread. Everything else I already had!

My aunt gave us the cutest tree last year with the most incredible vintage ornaments (that are totally out of Opal’s reach, thank goodness). I stole an idea from Danielle and Lynley and gathered paint samples from Lowe’s to make garlands. And I threaded marshmallows on string to look like snowfall in our living room. We made another tree out of mason jars and a string of lights, but I think our most prized decoration is our puppy walking around with a jingle bell around her neck. Her holiday name is Jingle Pup!

I accomplished my three goals: It was festive. It was cheap. And Walker liked it. Plus, I got some good experience for when I teach interior design this spring (yes, that is seriously happening).

snowtreecollagedeerdollcollage2Plus, this year I had the bright idea to make our own stockings. Me, the girl who has never touched a needle or thread. Thankfully, Walker’s mom has been sewing since she had barbies, so our stockings were in good hands. As an added bonus, Walker learned what herringbone is. All three of us cut patterns, pinned and stitched late into the night. Who would have thought Walker knew his way around a sewing machine?

Opal’s stocking was thoughtfully made pink, because oftentimes people forget she is a girl. 20121222-130827.jpg20121222-235557.jpg


2 thoughts on “For Walker’s Love of Christmas Decor

  1. Didn’t Walker tell you how many hours he spent at the sewing machine in Judy’s sewing room!!!!

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