Happy New Year!

Well, we’ve finally come to the junction of 2012 and 2013. No, literally, I’m typing this as we ring in the new year in our hotel room in Junction, TX. Only 7 hours left of our drive home from Tucson!

I remember sitting at a sushi dinner with two friends earlier this year discussing the highs and lows of 2012, and we unanimously decided we were eager to welcome 2013. The year so far had already delivered some blows. Walker and I agree that 2012 has taken us to the highest of mountains and the lowest of valleys. I wouldn’t describe it as only a roller coaster but maybe as the Titan.

From two doctors recommending I have a brain scan to check for a tumor or MS to getting to travel to Ethiopia. From our teenage friend getting cancer to bringing home our baby Opal. From saying goodbye to some of our best friends who moved away to welcoming new ones to town. From watching ones we love endure suffering to celebrating with so many friends on their wedding days and pregnancies. We’ve laughed until we cried and cried until all we could do was laugh. From all the scary and disappointing to the joyous celebrations and everything in-between, 2012 has been…well, it’s been a year of real life.

So as we exit this roller coaster here in Junction, having just spent time with both our families and close friends, we choose to see love. We see the love we felt from our family and friends (near and far) when you chose to cry with us and rejoice with us. So, while we hope that 2013 will be full of less medical bills and more trips to Africa, if that’s not the case, it’s Ok, because 2012 was full of love, and so will 2013 be also.

We are armed with a bottle of Martinelli’s, a bed to jump on, a restless puppy and each other. And at 12:01, we will go to bed.



5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Good thing you didn’t jump on the bed Walker – looks like you would have hit your head on the ceiling.
    Great write Katelyn – well put together – I think what you have put in words is what happens in life (unfortunately) but I have found when life gets tough is when I really examine my relationship with Jesus – and I am usually found wanting!!! – and it forces me to draw closer to him. Well done.

  2. Very thoughtful and sweet comments. A definite high for 2012 was getting to know you two. So glad you befriended Luke and Kelsey so that we had that opportunity! Come over and watch movies by the fire any time.

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