Clothes and Comfort Zones

headshot…that one time i stepped out of my comfort zone, big time…

If there’s one thing I’m not good at, it’s being vulnerable. I’m not a big feeling or dream sharer, and I keep my goals private. I hate the idea of people knowing I’m invested in something and then have it fall apart. It’s a fault, and I’m working on it.

So, when my friend from seminary, Aurelia, asked me to send her some pictures of my everyday style choices, I of course said no. While I’m confident in stepping out in the world wearing no makeup and sweats, it scares me to tell people ‘I think these clothes look good on me.’ Fear of rejection, I guess. I’m like this in most walks of life, not just fashion.


These days I’m thinking vulnerability is where it’s at. (Sorry I ended with a preposition, Dad.) So, I did it. And while it might seem like a tiny step for most people (or really no step at all), it was big for me, and I’m proud of myself.

Thanks for the compliment of asking me, Aurelia, over and over, because you gave me confidence, and we all need a boost now and then. Y’all should check out her fun blog, You Frill Me.

And click HERE  to see my Frilling Fashionista feature.hatcollage2



5 thoughts on “Clothes and Comfort Zones

  1. Hey great photos – did Walker take them? I fully understand your position on not being vulnerable – been there many, many times.

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